We function as your personal CFO

Maclendon Wealth Management functions as a personal CFO for our members—business owners, athletes, entertainers and other successful individuals who have created their own wealth.

I’m an entrepreneur.
I understand.

Jeremy Office, Founder

I’m an entrepreneur,
I understand.

Jeremy Office, Principal

Founded in Relationships

We view the individuals we serve as members of our own family, and measure ourselves by the strength and duration of these relationships. We come to know our members on a personal level, and by doing so, can better help them to anticipate and adapt to the myriad of changes that occur throughout their lives.

Powered by Teams

Maclendon leverages the collective knowledge of a specialized team to meet the complex financial concerns of its members, which range from wealth preservation and tax guidance to alternative investments and business planning.

“Whether it’s in business or investing, winning for the sake of winning isn’t what makes you a winner. The true winners have the strength to strategically quit — and even fail — in order to ultimately enjoy greater success.”

– Jeremy Office

Transcend the Ordinary

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