What We Do

We present solutions for significant financial planning and general business concerns, and provide savvy guidance for complex, entrepreneur-specific issues.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

We provide guidance with essential financial planning and general business concerns, as well as guidance on more complex, entrepreneur-specific issues.

Maclendon can even help maximize your wealth through alternative crowdfunding strategies such as private placements, venture capital and hedge funds. As a respected business owner, Maclendon Principal, Jeremy Office, can offer insightful guidance regarding complicated financial needs. Our additional financial services for entrepreneurs and business owners include:

▪ General business advice
▪ Business plan review
▪ Raising capital
▪ Growth plans
▪ Cash flow modeling
▪ Acquisitions and divestitures
▪ Restructuring
▪ Advice on transitioning out of your business
▪ Additional specialized financial solutions, as needed

Maclendon’s OneTeam®

Unlike traditional financial planning and wealth management models, in which a single person handles all financial concerns, Maclendon offers professional, team-based guidance known as OneTeam®.

Each Maclendon professional possesses a clearly defined role that leverages his or her unique strengths while complementing the strengths of the rest of the team. This proprietary approach allows us to deliver the personalized results you expect, and it’s available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our core services include:

▪ Wealth preservation
▪ Asset management and growth
▪ Retirement planning
▪ Investment services
▪ Liability planning and management
▪ Traditional and alternative investment consulting (private placements, venture capital, hedge funds)
▪ Advisory services related to real estate, insurance, taxes and philanthropy
▪ Assistance with business needs
▪ Coordination with other financial and legal professionals
▪ Customized strategies to meet your unique needs

The MAC Commitment

Our members are the very foundation of our business, and we strive to meet their needs and deliver independent, objective service and advice that will help them meet their goals. Each interaction with a member is governed by our “MAC Commitment”.

Member Service

Maclendon exists to serve its members, and we believe that wealth management is a service—not a product.

When you decide to work with us, we begin our relationship by developing a complete understanding of your financial picture. We discuss immediate needs, goals for the future and risk tolerance. Only then, can we craft a plan that properly establishes targets and strategies for getting you to exactly where you want to be.

We’re available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to bring soundness and peace of mind to your financial outlook.

But, the plan is only the beginning. We’ll meet with you regularly to discuss the state of your financial progress and any relevant changes in the markets. With each of your life’s twists and turns, we will reevaluate and respond, so you keep moving toward your goals. We’ll serve as a personal CFO, and coordinate the various professionals and advisors in your life, such as accountants, attorneys, real estate agents and insurance agents.

Alignment of Incentives

When you work with our firm, you can be confident that we share the same goals and interests: portfolio growth coupled with lasting financial security for you and your family. We’re focused on your success because when you are doing well, we’re doing well—It’s that simple.

Although that sounds like a sensible, straightforward approach to doing business, many financial firms don’t operate that way. Big banks and stock brokerages are focused on their corporate bottom line, not yours. Too often, advice is driven by what benefits the company, and not the client.

Maclendon is different. We’re an independent, employee-owned firm that provides our members with objective financial guidance, without the conflicts of interest that arise from institutional mandates or corporate politics. We work for our members, not big financial institutions, and our compensation is derived from the services we provide, not the products we recommend or sell. We operate under full transparency: all fees are disclosed up front, and there are no hidden costs. We firmly believe this approach is the right way to do business, both for us and for our members.

Comprehensive Platform

Our goal is to be the first call our members make for their financial needs—period. Whatever your concerns, we possess the experience and resources to respond to your requests.

Trained at top-tier financial institutions, Maclendon’s educated and accredited professionals understand conventional wisdom, but they can offer innovative financial solutions when appropriate, as well. Our team maintains proficiency and builds comprehension continually through advanced education and market research.

Where we cannot provide the quality of expertise required to serve a member, we will consult with our extensive network of professional partners. As a unique multi-family office, we maintain the freedom to use multiple financial service providers. That independence allows us to incorporate our expertise with the insights of outside partners, to deliver the exceptional financial guidance our members deserve.